GiantMatic was started as a consultancy to drive traffic via programmatic marketing channels to mainstream competition, sweepstakes and prize products in the United Kingdom. We quickly found out first-hand the murky underworld of banner serving, junk services, fake traffic and shady operators that pollute the online marketing landscape.

As a business, we needed to rapidly upskill and develop restricted niche marketing campaign management insights and strategies in order to simply maintain a foothold in the evolving digital market place.

Running innumerate “test” campaigns across a matrix of DSP’s, publishers and suppliers (spending millions in the process), we developed a marketing blend of services, suppliers, deliverables and processes that now operate effective, impactful and most importantly campaigns that return on our marketing investment.

Our mandate is, as it has always been, to traffic our own product mix however we have discovered many solutions that would enable you to hit the ground running.

GiantMatic’s elevated marketing spends facilitate better traffic negotiations, which in turn allowed us to offer our service, knowledge and experience to organisations who now benefit from such.

Partner with GiantMatic as an i-gaming organisation means you’ll get the best return on your programmatic marketing spend:

  • Benefit from our hard earned experience
  • We’ll openly share our strategies with you
  • Shortcut tactics in a fast evolving market
  • Mitigate the marketing risks
  • Exponentially expand through our media partners

The choice is clear… Either experiment with your own money, spending millions in the process, or, ask GiantMatic how we can get you a quick marketing win within a fortnight.

For our advertising partners, we keep it simple and jargon-free. It’s always been a return on investment conversation, so we don’t muddy it with the technicalities of campaigns. Money in money out.