Refund Policy want you to be happy with your services purchase from us. However if you are not completely satisfied, we would sincerely like to understand what went wrong with your order.

In such cases and where possible we will credit your Giant account, or refund the full monetary value of the service, subject to the below terms. reserves the right to assess and credit or refund clients on a discretionary case by case basis.

This is acknowledged pre-purchase of “” services that are in some cases services are reliant on the delivery of third party suppliers (where simply serves and an intermediary service to a third party supplier).

For all refund queries please direct enquiries to hello [@] where a ticket escalation ticket may be logged.

Service Delivery Failure

In such cases where a third party service provider has failed to deliver or short delivered on an order would reserve the right to review the case and source a new supplier to deliver the requested service before refund or credit is issued.

Transaction Fees and Duties

Transaction charges levied between suppliers in the operation of some web services may carry transaction costs and “handling fees” or in most cases these transactions are embedded into the product sales price and are not refundable.

Quality of Service makes no guarantee whatsoever on the outputs of services delivered as part of service offering. Reporting on services provided is limited to the output delivery and NOT it’s effectiveness in the market place where there are many variables beyond our control. Goods and services are delivered as stated and not subject to refund or credit without management approval.

Vouchers & Coupons

Vouchers and coupons are not eligible for refund or credit under any circumstances. There are two methods on used to issue “promotional” vouchers and coupons. These funds are virtual and not representative of monetary value.

Balance Refunds

Credit balance refunds are refundable in circumstances whereby a client wishes to close their account with in such cases please email hello [@] with an account refund and cancellation request. Funds are transferred back to assigned bank accounts from date of our bi-monthly supplier payment cycles and refunds are NOT issued immediately. Please NOTE: ID verification as well as other precautionary measures will need to be requested and furnished in order to validate the account holders payment details.

Refunds Prior to A Service Delivery

Cancellation on the part of, 3rd Party supplier or the account holder will result in the full purchase price being refunded to the account holders credit balance on Cancellation is no indicative of due monetary refund and is usually automatic.

Other Refunds and Liability

By default reserves the right to hold credit funds in good faith for service delivery on behalf of account holders. In the event that there is a dispute in relation to a service provided from this platform limitation of liability extends only to the value of the services willingly and electively purchased via the platform.

Platform Abuse

In good faith we provide a range of marketing and promotional services. Account holders that abuse our services or attempt to exploit systems or use systems to exploit services are subject to having immediate account closure without refund in reserve of all due rights.

These rights include the

  • Circumvention of payment platforms to solicit suppliers in our network (strictly prohibited).
  • Bring reputational harm to the brand or service offering.
  • Any direct violation of the terms agreement on registering with