There is a tipping point where elevated marketing spends enabled better traffic negotiations. To maximise this we sought means to mitigate the marketing risks and exponentially expand by selectively bringing in non-competing media advertising partners to share in our marketing IP and back-end buying power.

This is where the game got interesting.

With elevated spend, we were able to access extended inventory to publish restricted industry advertisements that worked directly back to our viable CPA models. The multi-channel / buyer mix mitigated many of the traditional test costs and learning curves that developed thereafter permitted deeper customer journey analysis of ultimate returns.

GiantMatic is no longer the new kid on the new media block… We are the 100-pound media buying gorilla!

Through sheer force of presence GiantMatic is your ideal marketing partner if you want to:

  • Partner with the i-gaming media-buying specialist
  • Cut your costs by piggybacking off of our large media spends
  • Benefit from insider information – get the best placements

The restricted industry verticals all have their marketing challenges; spending too much time navigating this minefield will cost you money, time & reputation. GiantMatic can help you cut to the chase because we buy both our information and media placements in bulk.

For our advertising partners, we keep it simple and jargon-free. It’s always been a return on investment conversation, so we don’t muddy it with the technicalities of campaigns. Money in money out.

Reporting is real-time, clear and concise and each campaigns variables are agreed on upfront and managed accordingly from the platforms you work with every day to ensure the transparency.