Press Release To Top UK Newspapers



Do you have a new product that you would like featured in a UK news article?

Your content will be sent to editors, reporters, reviewers, and journalists, editors of the top uk newspapers via a trusted domain email address who will contact you via any business information that you provide regarding any updates on your submission such as future publications.

What Should Your Press Release Contain?

  • Who? Who are the key players – your company, anyone else involved with the product? Who does your news affect/who does it benefit?
  • What? What is new?
  • Why? Why is this important news – what does it tell people that they need to know?
  • Where? Where is this happening?
  • When? What is the timing of this? Does this add significance?
  • How? How did this come about?

Once you stage your article please send it with this order and GiantMatic will get the ball rolling.


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